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Topic: 1970s culture

The 1970s in the United States were a time of cultural upheaval, marked by the sexual revolution, the rise of the pornography industry, and a sense of social and political instability.

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The podcast episodes explore various facets of 1970s culture, including its impact on youth sports culture, the prevalence of violence, the sexual revolution, and the rise of the pornography industry.

For example, the episode 'The Bad News Bears (1976)' discusses how the film captures and reflects the cultural attitudes towards youth sports in the 1970s, while the episode 'Hardcore' delves into the cultural context of the sexual revolution and the pornography industry during that time period.

Additionally, the episode 'MFM Minisode 382' touches on theories linking the prevalence of violence in 1970s Los Angeles to the use of leaded gasoline, further highlighting the societal issues of the era.

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