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Topic: 1977 National Women's Conference

The 1977 National Women's Conference, sponsored by the U.S. government, represented a pivotal shift in the women's rights movement, advancing equality and empowering women across America.

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The 1977 National Women's Conference was a landmark event that marked a significant turning point in the women's rights movement in the United States.

The conference, sponsored by the U.S. government, brought together women from diverse backgrounds to discuss and advocate for a wide range of issues affecting women, including equal rights, employment, education, and healthcare.

The conference was a catalyst for further activism and progress in the fight for women's equality, as evidenced by the two podcast episodes that explore this important historical event.

The first episode, Best of Design Matters: Gloria Steinem, features an in-depth interview with legendary feminist and activist Gloria Steinem, who was instrumental in shaping the women's rights movement and the conference itself.

The second episode, The 1977 Women's Conference That Changed America, delves deeper into the significance of the conference and the opposition it faced, which ultimately led to a shift in the fabric of American society.

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