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Topic: 19th Century America

The tumultuous social, economic, and political changes that transformed 19th century America, from westward expansion and industrialization to the struggles over slavery and civil rights.

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The podcast episodes provided cover a diverse range of topics that collectively illuminate the complex and dynamic nature of 19th century America.

From the frontier exploits of Daniel Boone Missouri and final years to the extinction of the passenger pigeon The Passenger Pigeon (Encore), these episodes showcase the profound social, ecological, and cultural changes that swept across the nation during this transformative era.

Other episodes delve into the criminal underworld, including the rise and fall of con man Soapy Smith Con Man Soapy Smith is Shot Dead and the exploits of swindler Big Bertha Fraud Fridays: Bluffing Bertha w/ Nore Davis, providing a glimpse into the social tensions and lawlessness of the American West.

The episodes also explore the broader context of 19th century America, covering topics such as the abolitionist movement and the Underground Railroad Saturday Matinee: American History Tellers, the development of American industry and popular culture John S. Pemberton Sells the First Glass of Coca-Cola and Milton Bradley and the Game That Started It All, as well as the lives of influential individuals like Mary Ellen Pleasant 133: Dark History: The Unknown Mother of the Civil Rights Movement and Vinnie Ream Vinnie Ream, Part 2.

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