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Topic: 19th century England

Regency-era England in the early 19th century was marked by a tumultuous aristocratic society, shifting moral attitudes, and the rise of celebrity culture.

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The podcast episodes provided focus on various aspects of 19th century England, particularly the cultural and social dynamics of the aristocratic class during this period.

The episode about the 'orchid craze' The flower hunters: how tropical orchids fueled a craze explores how the wealthy's pursuit of rare, exotic plants fueled an intense collecting frenzy, highlighting the status symbols and rivalries that defined upper-class life at the time.

The episodes about Lord Byron Lord Byron: Dangerous Liaisons (Part 3) and John 'Mad Jack' Mytton John 'Mad Jack' Mytton delve into the scandalous personal lives and eccentric behaviors of prominent aristocratic figures, showcasing how they navigated the changing moral landscape and social mores of Regency-era England.

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