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Topic: 19th century society

19th century society was marked by rigid social norms, expectations, and limitations, particularly for women and disabled individuals, that created significant barriers for those seeking to pursue unconventional paths.

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The podcast episodes explore the experiences and challenges faced by pioneering women in 19th century society, who often had to overcome significant societal constraints and opposition in order to pursue their goals and make meaningful contributions.

The stories of Sophia Jex-Blake, Vinnie Ream, and Emily Warren Roebling provide insights into the societal attitudes, expectations, and perceptions that women had to navigate during this time period, as they challenged the traditional roles and boundaries imposed on them.

These episodes shed light on the perseverance, determination, and ingenuity required for these women to assert their agency and make their mark in fields traditionally dominated by men, despite the significant social and institutional barriers they faced.

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