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Topic: 2023 Academy Awards

The 2023 Academy Awards recognize and honor the best in film, with intense campaigning and complex dynamics behind the scenes.

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The podcast episodes provided discuss various aspects of the Oscars, including the complex and often covert campaigns orchestrated by movie studios, publicists, and marketers to position films and actors for Oscar recognition, as well as the cultural divide between Hollywood and mainstream America reflected in the Barbie/Oppenheimer dynamic among the nominees.

For example, the episode "How Do You Win An Oscar? It's More Complicated Than You Think" from the "Consider This from NPR" podcast dives into the tactics used by studios and marketers to influence Oscar outcomes, while the episode "Ep. 1890 - My Debate With Destiny" from the "The Ben Shapiro Show" podcast provides commentary on the 2023 Oscar nominations and the perceived disconnect between the values of the Hollywood elite and mainstream American concerns.

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