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Topic: 20th century history

The tumultuous 20th century saw momentous global events that reshaped the world order, from the world wars and rise of new ideologies to the space race and technological revolution.

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The podcast episodes cover a range of important events and developments that shaped the 20th century, from the aftermath of World War I and the creation of the League of Nations Peacemaking in Paris: The Treaty of Versailles, to the significance of the Bernie Sanders movement in the context of left-wing politics and economic theory Was Bernie Sanders a Mistake?.

The episodes also touch on related topics such as the history of Ukraine and its connection to current conflicts The Intelligence: I'm your private lander, a lander for money, as well as the evolving role of private space companies in the exploration of the Moon.

Together, these episodes provide a rich and multifaceted perspective on the complex and tumultuous events that defined the 20th century and continue to shape the modern world.

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