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Topic: 20th Century Philosophy

20th Century Philosophy grappled with questions of morality, human nature, and the individual's place in society, reflecting the tumultuous social and political changes of the era.

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The two podcast episodes provided explore key themes and debates in 20th century philosophy, with a focus on the work of philosopher Philippa Foot and the broader philosophical currents of existentialism and psychoanalysis.

The first episode, 'Philippa Foot', discusses Foot's central question of 'Why be moral?' and her virtue ethics approach, which drew on Aristotle and Aquinas. It contextualizes her ideas within the prevailing subjectivist philosophies of the mid-20th century and her response to the 'horrors of the concentration camps'.

The second episode, 'The History of Freedom w/Lea Ypi: Existentialism and Psychoanalysis', analyzes how existentialism and psychoanalysis grappled with concepts of human freedom, authenticity, and the nature of the self, in contrast to earlier philosophical frameworks.

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