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Topic: Abduction

Abduction is the forcible and unlawful taking or carrying away of a person against their will.

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The podcast episodes provided focus on various abduction cases, including the abduction and assault of three young girls in 1975 Unmasking Evil: A 50-Year Mystery Unraveled, the abduction and captivity of 16-year-old Tina Risico by serial killer Christopher Wilder in 1984 The Beauty Queen Killer: 9 Days of Terror | Episode 1 : Don't Talk to Strangers, and the 7-year captivity and torture of Colleen Stan by Cameron and Janice Hooker Case 268: Colleen Stan (Part 2).

These episodes highlight the traumatic impact of abduction on victims, the challenges of investigating and solving these cold cases, and the importance of advances in forensic science and DNA analysis in bringing perpetrators to justice.

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