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Topic: Abiding in Christ

Abiding in Christ involves remaining in His love and teachings, finding our identity and purpose in Him, and aligning our desires with His will.

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The concept of 'abiding in Christ' is a central theme that emerges from the podcast episodes provided. This idea refers to the importance of believers remaining steadfast in their relationship with Jesus, continuing to walk in His ways and draw strength from His love and teachings.

In the first episode 'Day 103: Judas' Secrecy (2024)', Fr. Mike Schmitz highlights Jesus' emphasis on the need to 'abide in Him' in order to bear spiritual fruit. This is contrasted with the secrecy and betrayal of Judas, who turned away from Christ's love. Similarly, the second episode 'S2 EP13. What Does God's Voice Sound Like? ft. Ashley Hetherington' discusses how abiding in Christ helps us to discern His voice and align our desires with His will.

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