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Topic: Abortion access

Abortion access refers to the ability of individuals to obtain safe, legal, and affordable abortion services, which has been a highly contested and politicized issue in the United States.

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The podcast episodes cover various aspects of abortion access, including the impact of legislative and judicial decisions, the role of digital privacy and technology, the practical challenges faced by those seeking abortions, and the broader political and social implications.

For example, episode The Supreme Court Plays Hot Potato with Idaho's Abortion Restrictions, and NASA Plays It Safe with Starliner discusses the Supreme Court's ruling on Idaho's abortion laws and its impact on emergency abortion access. Episode Protecting abortion patients' digital data in the post-Roe era focuses on the digital privacy risks for those seeking abortions, particularly through telehealth and online apps. The episodes provide in-depth analysis and insights into the evolving landscape of abortion access in the United States.

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