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Topic: Abortion politics

Abortion politics involves the complex interactions between public opinion, legal access, political ideologies, and moral perspectives surrounding the issue of abortion in the United States.

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The podcast episodes explore the complex and contentious landscape of abortion politics in the United States, including the practical, political, and social implications of the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

The episodes delve into the strategies and messaging employed by the pro-life and pro-choice movements, the stances of political candidates like Donald Trump and Kari Lake, and the role of the religious right in shaping attitudes towards abortion.

Several episodes also examine the broader impact of abortion politics, such as its connection to gender-affirming care and its influence on the 2024 elections and Congressional control, as well as the potential challenges in reauthorizing the PEPFAR program due to concerns about the use of funds for abortion-related activities abroad.

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