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Topic: Abortion stigma

Abortion stigma is the social, cultural, and political stigmatization and marginalization of people seeking or having abortions, which can have significant impacts on their mental health and access to care.

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The podcast episodes provided discuss the issue of abortion stigma and its impact on various aspects of reproductive healthcare and access.

In the episode Protecting abortion patients' digital data in the post-Roe era, the stigma and potential criminalization associated with abortion access is mentioned as contributing to the digital privacy risks and concerns for those seeking abortions.

The episode Episode 225: Abortion and Mental Health delves into the stigma surrounding abortion and its impact on mental health, emphasizing the importance of non-judgmental support for those who have had abortions.

Similarly, the episode Episode 176: Abortion Care highlights the stigma surrounding abortion and the need to normalize and destigmatize conversations around it.

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