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Topic: Absurdist Humor

Absurdist humor is a comedic style that embraces the irrational, the illogical, and the unconventional to create humorous, thought-provoking, and often subversive entertainment.

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The podcast episodes provided showcase a wide range of absurdist humor, where the comedians and hosts engage in free-flowing, improvisational exchanges filled with bizarre scenarios, wordplay, and unconventional humor.

For example, in the episode 'PAULY SHORE RETURNS- with third eye crust!', Harland Williams and Pauly Shore dive into a conversation marked by absurdist humor, touching on topics like sleep habits and hypothetical situations involving microwave ovens. Similarly, the episode 'HARLAND SOLO EPISODE- ELON MUSK EXPOSED!' features Harland Williams speculating that Elon Musk may be an alien and responding to humorous voicemails about space shrimp flipping and a millipede's gay feet business venture.

Other episodes, such as 'Our Fans Sent us Their Hottest Takes...Bad Idea' from the Chuckle Sandwich podcast and 'Say More with Dr? Sheila - 2. Bickering' from the Women Talkin' 'Bout Murder podcast, also exhibit the absurdist, often surreal and unconventional nature of this comedic style.

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