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Topic: Academic performance

Academic performance refers to the level of achievement and success attained by students in their educational pursuits.

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The podcast episodes provided explore various aspects of academic performance, including its relationship to entrepreneurial success, chronic absenteeism, imposter syndrome, and cognitive factors like multitasking.

For example, the episode '700. Q&AF: D Students Run Businesses, Discipline Motivation & First Big Purchase' discusses how students with lower academic grades may have certain advantages over high-performing students when it comes to entrepreneurship. Another episode, 'Kids Are Missing School at an Alarming Rate', examines the long-term implications of chronic absenteeism on academic performance and student engagement.

The podcast also delves into personal factors that can impact academic achievement, such as imposter syndrome, as explored in the episode 'imposter syndrome, a talk with emma'. Additionally, the cognitive science behind productivity and multitasking, and its effects on learning, are discussed in the episode 'Mulititasking: Working slower with worse results'.

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