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Topic: Access to dental care

Access to affordable and quality dental care, particularly in underserved and rural areas, is a significant challenge that has implications for overall health and well-being.

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The podcast episodes highlight the issue of limited access to dental care, especially in underserved and rural communities. They explore how the emerging profession of dental therapists could help address this gap by performing basic dental procedures and improving care access.

For example, the episode "Can dental therapists fill the gap in oral care?" discusses the debate around the role of dental therapists and the American Dental Association's stance on alternative solutions to address access issues. The episode "Dr. Kyle Hollis, Chief Clinical Officer at SGA Dental Partners" also focuses on the importance of access to care in dentistry and SGA Dental Partners' efforts to address this challenge in rural areas.

These episodes showcase the significant impact that access to dental care can have on individuals and communities, and the potential solutions being explored to improve the situation.

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