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Topic: Accessibility and Equity

Accessibility and Equity is the fair and inclusive provision of resources, services, and opportunities to all individuals, regardless of their background or circumstances.

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The topic of 'Accessibility and Equity' is central to the discussions in the given podcast episodes, which explore issues of accessibility and equity in various contexts, including higher education, mental healthcare, and environmental justice movements.

In the episode 'Bringing back the SAT', the conversation examines the resurgence of standardized test requirements at elite colleges and universities, and the implications for diversity and the college application process amidst changing admissions policies.

The episode 'The digitization of mental healthcare' critiques the digital mental health industry for prioritizing profits over true accessibility, perpetuating biases, and enabling 'psychosurveillance', while advocating for a human-centered approach that invests in community support and trained professionals to address systemic issues behind mental health crises.

The episode 'Collaborations in Environmental Justice Movements (Part 1)' highlights the barriers that prevent equitable access to nature, healthy environments, and cultural spaces, and the efforts of activists and organizations to address these issues through collaborative initiatives.

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