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Topic: Accessory dwelling units (ADUs)

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are small, self-contained living spaces added to an existing property, often used to provide additional housing or income opportunities.

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The podcast episodes discuss various aspects of accessory dwelling units (ADUs), including their use for co-living arrangements with friends and family, financing options, strategies for maximizing their value and cash flow, and considerations around when it makes financial sense to build an ADU.

For example, episode 962: How to Buy a Home (or Entire Neighborhood) With Your Friends and Family w/Phil Levin explores the concept of co-living and how ADUs can facilitate that, while episode 939: BiggerNews: 100% Financing for First-Time Home Buyers is HERE w/Jeff Welgan discusses how income from legal ADUs can now be considered when evaluating loan applications for first-time homebuyers.

Other episodes, such as 932: Seeing Greene: When NOT to Build an ADU and How to Invest $300K, provide detailed analysis on the financial viability of building an ADU in specific situations.

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