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Topic: Accountability and Systemic Change

Accountability and Systemic Change: Addressing the widespread issues of exploitation and abuse in institutions and industries through transparency, reform, and a commitment to empowering marginalized communities.

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The topic of Accountability and Systemic Change is central to the podcast episodes provided, as they highlight instances where institutions like the Catholic Church and the addiction treatment industry have failed to adequately address and prevent harm to vulnerable individuals.

In the episode Part 7: Notre Dame is Burning, the podcast explores the tragic story of Alana Chen, a young woman who underwent conversion therapy within the Catholic Church, leading to severe mental health struggles and ultimately her suicide. The episode calls for the Church to be held accountable for its role in Alana's fate and the need for systemic change to protect LGBTQ individuals from such harmful practices.

Similarly, the episode 6: The Glam Room from the podcast The 13th Step emphasizes the importance of accountability and systemic change to address the widespread issues of exploitation and abuse in the addiction treatment industry. The episode highlights the legal battle over previous reporting on allegations against a treatment center owner, as well as the need for trauma-informed approaches and sober living communities that prioritize the well-being of women recovering from addiction and sexual exploitation.

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