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Topic: Accountability of public figures

Public figures and celebrities wield significant influence, and there is a growing expectation for them to be held accountable for their actions and stances on important social and political issues.

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The podcast episodes explore the broader debate around holding public figures, particularly celebrities, accountable for their silence or inaction on important social and political issues.

The 'Blockout 2024' campaign, discussed in Blockout 2024: celebrities face backlash over Gaza, examines how social media movements can pressure public figures to use their platforms to address important issues. The episode on Watching 'Renaissance' and what we hear in Beyoncé's silence also raises questions about the implications of Beyoncé's carefully curated public persona and lack of transparency on political issues.

These episodes highlight the growing expectations for public figures to be transparent, engage with their audiences, and use their influence to address societal challenges.

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