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Topic: Acoustics

Acoustics is the scientific study of sound, including its production, transmission, and effects.

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The topic of Acoustics is highly relevant to the podcast episodes provided, as they explore various aspects of sound and its applications in different contexts.

In the episode How Does the World's Largest Seabird Know Where to Fly?, the focus is on the use of infrasound, a low-frequency sound, by wandering albatrosses to navigate the Southern Ocean. This demonstrates the importance of acoustic cues in animal behavior and environmental perception.

The episode Playback: Ancient Orchestra delves into the study of ancient musical instruments and the recreation of their sounds, highlighting the field of acoustics in understanding the auditory experiences of past cultures.

Finally, the episode S1E4 - Echo and Narcissus explores the concepts of echoes and sound waves, directly referencing the scientific principles behind these acoustic phenomena.

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