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Topic: Acting and comedy

Acting and comedy encompass the creative talents of individuals who entertain through various performance-based mediums, from television and film to live stage productions.

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The podcast episodes provided delve into the experiences of individuals who have successfully transitioned from music and other creative fields into acting and comedy. This episode of TED Talks Daily features an in-depth interview with musician and comedian Carrie Brownstein, discussing her memoir, the formation of her punk band Sleater-Kinney, and her move into acting and comedy on the show Portlandia.

The episode from Insight with Chris Van Vliet focuses on actor and comedian Will Sasso, a self-proclaimed wrestling fan, who shares his experiences working with wrestlers and his incredible impressions of wrestling legends. The conversation explores Sasso's career in entertainment, including his Netflix show 'Loudermilk' and his podcast 'Doodsy.'

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