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Topic: Acting and Hollywood

Acting and Hollywood explores the challenges and triumphs of navigating the entertainment industry, from overcoming stereotyping to building successful ventures.

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The podcast episodes provide insights into the acting careers and Hollywood experiences of guests such as Jane Fonda, Rampage Jackson, and Jessica Alba.

In the episode featuring Jane Fonda, the discussion focuses on her acting career, activism, and personal experiences, including her time in Vietnam during the war. The episode with Rampage Jackson delves into his acting career, including his role in 'The A-Team' movie, as well as his MMA fighting career. The interview with Jessica Alba explores her journey as an actress, the challenges she faced in being typecast, and her transition into entrepreneurship.

These episodes provide a diverse perspective on the acting and Hollywood experience, touching on topics such as personal growth, activism, and the challenges faced by celebrities in the industry.

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