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Topic: Activism and advocacy

A collective effort to drive social, political, and cultural change through organized actions, public engagement, and strategic advocacy.

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The podcast episodes cover a diverse range of activism and advocacy efforts, highlighting the important role these play in addressing various issues and creating meaningful change.

For example, the episode 'Listen Now: Hysterical' explores the activism and self-advocacy efforts of families affected by a mysterious illness, while 'Behind the Curtain (S2 E5)' delves into the activism and advocacy work against abuses in ICE detention facilities.

Other episodes, such as 'Taylor Casey is still missing in the Bahamas, Deundray Cottrell member of Skiiboyz is found dead in Alabama, and non-binary runner Nikki Hiltz qualifies for the Olympics - July 8, 2024' and 'The Scales of Justice w/ Marilyn Mosby and Angela Rye', highlight the importance of activism and advocacy in addressing LGBTQ+ rights, racial justice, and criminal justice reform.

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