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Topic: Activist investing

Activist investing involves acquiring significant stakes in underperforming companies and pushing for strategic changes to unlock shareholder value.

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The podcast episodes provided cover various instances of activist investing, where investors like Elliott Management, Starboard Value, and Keith Gill (Roaring Kitty) have taken major stakes in companies like Southwest Airlines, Match Group, Autodesk, and Chewy, and pushed for leadership changes, operational improvements, or a sale of the company.

For example, the episode 'Southwest Changed Flying. Can It Change Itself?' examines Elliott Investment Management's $2 billion stake in Southwest Airlines and their demands for the airline to make major strategic changes. Similarly, the episode 'Activists at Autodesk's Door' discusses Starboard Value's involvement with Autodesk and their efforts to influence the company's direction.

Activist investing can have significant impacts on the targeted companies and the broader market, as seen in these podcast episodes.

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