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Topic: Actual Play

Actual Play podcasts are recordings of live tabletop roleplaying game sessions, providing an immersive, collaborative storytelling experience for listeners.

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The podcast episodes provided showcase the 'Actual Play' genre, which involves recording and presenting the spontaneous gameplay, decision-making, and narrative unfolding of a tabletop roleplaying game session.

For example, Ep. 5 - The Whispers (featuring Dominic Monaghan) from 'The Re-Slayer's Take' podcast highlights the unpredictable nature of the story as the players navigate their characters through encounters with supernatural entities.

Similarly, C02 - Ep. 26 - Passé in Perrish - Cart Before The Horseman from 'Tales from the Stinky Dragon' presents an unedited recording of the participants actually playing the game, providing listeners with a raw, unfiltered experience.

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