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Topic: Addiction treatment

Addiction treatment encompasses a range of evidence-based therapies and interventions aimed at helping individuals overcome substance use disorders and achieve long-term recovery.

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The podcast episodes provided explore various facets of addiction treatment, including the challenges in prescribing medication-assisted treatments like buprenorphine The Opioid Tragedy - How We Got Here, the role of harm reduction strategies versus emphasis on recovery The man shaping Alberta's controversial drug policy, the persistent nature of the opioid epidemic and debates around effective treatment Why Has the Opioid Crisis Lasted So Long?, the use of hypnosis and other alternative therapies Practical Hypnosis, Meditation vs. Hypnosis, Pain Management Without Drugs How hypnosis can help with healthy habit formation, and the challenges in the addiction treatment industry including lack of oversight and accountability Update: A New Bill and a Final Ruling The Glam Room.

These episodes highlight the multifaceted and complex nature of addiction treatment, as well as the need for a continuum of evidence-based care, a focus on harm reduction, and improved oversight and accountability within the treatment industry.

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