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Topic: Adolescent mental health

Adolescent mental health has seen a concerning rise in issues like depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation, often linked to the widespread use of smartphones and social media.

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The podcast episodes discuss the significant impact of smartphones and social media on adolescent mental health, particularly the rise in depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

For example, the episode 'The Smartphone Kids Are Not All Right' features a discussion on the differing perspectives of a parent and child regarding the effects of phone usage on social development. Additionally, the episode 'Episode 165: John Edwards on ketamine treatment for depression and suicide prevention' highlights the use of ketamine in treating depression and suicidal ideation in adolescents.

Addressing the mental health challenges faced by adolescents is crucial, as this age group is particularly vulnerable to the negative effects of technology and social media on their overall well-being.

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