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Topic: Adult Development

Adult Development is the study of how individuals progress through various cognitive, emotional, and perspective-taking abilities as they mature over time.

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The podcast episodes provided explore the topic of Adult Development, which examines the stages and processes through which individuals develop and evolve their cognitive, emotional, and perspective-taking abilities as they grow older.

In the first episode, the hosts discuss how understanding the stages of adult development can be critical for fostering greater inclusivity and diversity, as it provides a framework for expanding diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) conversations. The episode highlights the Action Logics Model, which describes different mindsets and behaviors at various levels of maturity.

The second episode features a conversation with Lisa Lahey, who has done extensive work on the "Immunity to Change" theory, which explores the psychological barriers that can hinder personal growth and perspective-taking. This episode delves into the core developmental psychology principles that underlie this theory and the challenges of achieving meaningful, lasting change.

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