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Topic: Advertising agencies

Advertising agencies are businesses that create, plan, and manage advertising campaigns for their clients, leveraging their expertise in marketing, creativity, and strategic thinking.

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The podcast episodes provided touch on the role of advertising agencies in creating and reviving iconic advertising campaigns, as well as their involvement in the evolving influencer marketing space.

In the episode Die Another Day: Reviving Old Commercials, the podcast discusses how advertising agencies like McCann Erickson were involved in the creation and revival of memorable campaigns such as Coca-Cola's 'Hilltop' and Miller Lite's 'Tastes Great, Less Filling'.

The episode Julio Chaves + XrossWorld: Empowering the Middleman in a Digital Age focuses on the role of advertising agencies as 'middlemen' in the influencer marketing space, and how platforms like XrossWorld are aiming to empower them in this evolving landscape.

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