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Topic: Advertising to children

Advertising to children is a complex and often controversial topic that examines the ethical considerations and potential impacts of marketing strategies that target young audiences.

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The podcast episodes provided cover different aspects of advertising and marketing aimed at children, from the legal and ethical implications of corporations targeting youth audiences to the history and impact of 'toyetic' franchises that use cartoons and other media to drive toy sales.

The episode "He's Suing Big Tech Over Uvalde" explores a lawsuit against gun manufacturers, video game companies, and social media platforms for their alleged role in enabling and encouraging the Uvalde school shooting, with a focus on the exploitative advertising tactics used to reach young consumers.

The episode "573- Toyetic" delves into the rise of Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and other 'toyetic' franchises in the 1980s, examining how toy companies used cartoons and other media to drive sales and the lasting impact on children's entertainment and play.

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