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Topic: Advice and perspectives

Advice and perspectives from various podcasters and guests on a range of personal and relational topics.

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The podcast episodes in the provided list cover a range of personal and interpersonal topics, with the hosts and guests offering advice, perspectives, and discussions on various relationship, mental health, and life challenges.

For example, the 'Bachelor Happy Hour' podcast Big Secrets and Bestie Breakups episode features the hosts providing contrasting advice and analysis on different relationship and friendship dilemmas submitted by listeners. Similarly, the 'Give It To Me Straight' podcast 48. Giving you pole dancing, driving high, and stalking your ex episode sees the hosts candidly discussing and offering perspectives on issues like driving under the influence, supporting partners' interests, and setting boundaries.

Overall, the podcast episodes showcase a format centered around seeking and providing advice from different perspectives on personal situations and dilemmas.

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