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Topic: Advocacy and Policy Changes

Advocacy and policy changes are critical to addressing systemic issues in women's health, brain health, and chronic disease prevention.

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The podcast episodes highlight the importance of advocacy and policy changes to address women's health disparities and shift the healthcare system towards a more preventative, lifestyle-based approach to chronic disease.

In Episode 40069, Maria Shriver discusses her efforts to raise awareness and drive policy changes at the federal level to increase funding for women's health research. Similarly, in Episode 60819, Calley Means advocates for policy shifts that would incentivize preventative and lifestyle-based approaches to chronic disease management, rather than the current model that favors pharmaceutical solutions.

These episodes emphasize the need for a multi-pronged approach, including public advocacy, collaboration with policymakers, and shifting industry incentives, to create meaningful change in the healthcare system and improve outcomes for women and individuals with chronic conditions.

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