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Topic: Advocacy and Social Impact

Advocacy and Social Impact explores how individuals and organizations use their platforms and influence to drive positive change and address important social issues.

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The podcast episodes provided showcase how artists and corporate leaders can leverage their platforms and influence to advocate for social causes and create meaningful impact.

For example, the episode "Work in Progress: In Case You Missed It: Melissa Etheridge" highlights Melissa Etheridge's advocacy work in areas like LGBTQ+ rights, breast cancer awareness, and alternative therapies, demonstrating how artists can use their platform for positive change.

Similarly, the episode "E229: Up Front and Center: Inclusion at IBM with Global Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer Carla Grant Pickens" discusses IBM's efforts to foster an inclusive workplace environment, leverage its platform and influence to drive meaningful change through legislative efforts and partnerships, and the importance of transparency and accountability in diversity and inclusion initiatives.

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