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Topic: Affair

An affair is a romantic and/or sexual relationship between two people that violates the terms of a marriage or other committed relationship.

More on: Affair

The podcast episodes provided all touch on the topic of affairs in various contexts, from long-term secret affairs to affairs that lead to tragic consequences.

In The Killer In The Attic, the central focus is on the years-long affair between Dolly Oesterique and her teenage employee Otto, which ultimately resulted in the murder of Dolly's husband Fred.

Similarly, The FBI Killer - Susan Daniels Smith explores the affair between FBI informant Susan Daniels Smith and her handler, Mark Putnam, which also had deadly consequences.

The episode #302: TikToker Killed 2 People To Help Hide Her Mom's Affair & Save Her Career delves into a case where a TikToker and her mother conspired to cover up the mother's affair, leading to two murders.

Even the episode The Body, which focuses on an unsolved murder, explores the theory that the victim may have been having an affair, which could have been a motive for his killing.

Finally, #207: The Suicide Pact - Bizarre Suicide Or Perfectly Staged Murders? examines the affair between Colin Howell and Hazel Buchanan, and how it led them to murder their respective spouses.

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