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Topic: Affordable housing

Affordable housing refers to housing that is within the financial means of low-to-moderate income individuals and families, often achieved through government subsidies, zoning policies, and innovative development strategies.

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The topic of affordable housing is explored extensively across the podcast episodes, highlighting the significant challenges and potential solutions surrounding the lack of affordable housing options in many communities.

Several episodes discuss affordable housing in the context of addressing homelessness, with episodes like "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Homelessness?" and "The Sunday Story: Mental Health Care Goes to Court" examining the connection between the affordable housing crisis and the rise in homelessness.

Other episodes, such as "Jamal Bowman's Plan for Bridging the Wealth Gap, Affordable Housing, & Financial Literacy" and "Episode 203 - Property of the People", delve into the policy and political efforts to increase the supply of affordable housing, including through initiatives like community land trusts and inclusionary zoning.

The podcasts also cover various affordable housing strategies, including the use of tiny homes ("986: Are Tiny Homes a Good Investment? How a $50,000 Home Pencils Out"), the role of mobile home parks ("264. The Secrets to Investing in Parking Lots & Mobile Home Parks with Kevin Bupp"), and the potential of 3D printing technology to build affordable homes ("5 Good Things: 5-Year-Old Becomes Youngest to Get a Bionic Arm").

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