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Topic: Afrofuturism

Afrofuturism is a movement that blends art, philosophy, technology, and activism to envision a future where Black people are thriving.

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The podcast episodes explore the concept of Afrofuturism and its impact on various aspects of society, including technology, politics, and popular culture.

In Episode 82398 of the Global News Podcast, the episode delves into the cultural significance of Afrofuturism and its meaning for Africans around the world, featuring an interview with a musician who incorporates ancestral voices in his work.

The concept of Afrofuturism and its role in envisioning alternative futures for Black communities is a central focus in Episode 13918 of Moral Repair: A Black Exploration of Tech, which examines government regulation of emerging technologies and the concept of moral repair as it relates to equity and inclusion in technology development and policy.

Afrofuturistic approaches to envisioning hip hop success without exploitation are discussed in Episode 8430 of What A Day, which explores why the hip hop industry has largely avoided a #MeToo reckoning despite numerous allegations of sexual misconduct against influential figures.

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