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Topic: Aging and wisdom

Aging and wisdom encompasses the insights and perspectives gained by older individuals through their life experiences, as well as the intergenerational exchange of knowledge and understanding.

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The podcast episodes explore the theme of 'Aging and wisdom' in various ways, highlighting how life experiences and perspectives can evolve over time.

In the episode "Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Doing Death, Truth-Telling in Comedy and Getting Wiser", the actress discusses her podcast 'Wiser Than Me' where she interviews women over 70, gaining insights into the collective experience of womanhood and the wisdom that comes with age.

Similarly, in the episode "Stephen King finishes a story 45 years in the making in 'You Like It Darker'", the acclaimed author reflects on how his perspectives and approach to storytelling have evolved over his 75-year life.

The episode "Alison Gives Advice with Susan Korn" also explores the benefits of aging and the wisdom that can be gained from life experience, as the hosts offer advice and insights on various personal growth topics.

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