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Topic: Aging infrastructure

Aging infrastructure, such as outdated communication cables and lead pipes, poses significant challenges to maintaining reliable and safe public services.

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The podcast episodes highlight the challenges posed by aging infrastructure, a vital but often overlooked issue affecting various sectors.

For example, the episode 'A vital, mostly invisible undersea industry is facing a labor shortage' explores the challenges facing the underwater internet cable repair industry, where a significant portion of the repair ships are over 40 years old, indicating the need for investment and maintenance of this critical communication infrastructure.

Similarly, the episode 'More AI = More Cyberthreats' discusses the vulnerabilities of aging infrastructure, particularly in the context of cybersecurity, and the need for infrastructure upgrades to address these threats.

The episode '10 Years After Flint, The Fight To Replace Lead Pipes Continues' highlights the broader issue of aging infrastructure, specifically the problem of lead pipes in water systems, and the ongoing efforts to address this public health concern.

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