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Topic: Aging Population

The aging of populations worldwide is a significant demographic shift with wide-ranging societal, economic, and policy implications.

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The aging population is a recurring theme across the podcast episodes, with discussions covering the demographic shifts, policy implications, and potential solutions to address the needs of the growing elderly population.

Several episodes explore the impact of aging populations in countries like China, Japan, and the United States, highlighting issues such as pension system strain, healthcare workforce shortages, and the need for innovative elderly care solutions. "Is China's biggest threat its own ageing population?", "Is Japan At An Inflection Point?", and "Iceberg ahead for Social Security" are examples of episodes that delve into these topics.

The podcasts also cover the implications of an aging population on various industries, including healthcare, technology, and finance. Episodes like "Terry Shaw, CEO at AdventHealth" and "Larry Fink on Rethinking Retirement" discuss the challenges and opportunities for businesses and policymakers in adapting to the needs of the elderly demographic.

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