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Topic: Aging research

Aging research is the study of the biological, social, and environmental factors that influence longevity and the aging process.

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The podcast episodes provided cover various aspects of aging research, from the impact of environmental cues on the lifespan of model organisms like fruit flies, to the use of generative AI in accelerating drug discovery for age-related diseases.

For example, episode The science of lifespan - and the impact of your five senses | Christi Gendron discusses how molecular biologist Christi Gendryn's research aims to uncover the biological mechanisms by which sensory stimuli can influence the lifespan of fruit flies, with potential implications for understanding and promoting healthy aging in humans.

Similarly, episode Oral History: Discovering Drugs with Generative AI explores how the company Insilico Medicine is leveraging generative AI to revolutionize the drug discovery process, with the goal of making high-quality drugs more accessible and affordable for age-related conditions.

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