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Topic: Agricultural economics

Agricultural economics is the study of the economic aspects of agriculture, including the production, distribution, and consumption of agricultural goods and services.

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The podcast episodes discussed provide various examples and applications of agricultural economics, highlighting its relevance across different economic and social contexts.

For instance, the episode 'Chocolate, Lyft's typo and India's election bonds' discusses the impact of extreme weather events on cocoa prices, demonstrating the influence of agricultural factors on broader economic systems.

Similarly, the episode 'The Maine Potato War of 1976' explores the dynamics of the potato industry, including the role of commodity markets, supply and demand, and regional power dynamics, which are core topics in agricultural economics.

The episode 'Kiss the Ground with Finian Makepeace' delves into the economic benefits and challenges faced by farmers in transitioning to regenerative agriculture, showcasing the intersection of agricultural practices, sustainability, and economic considerations.

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