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Topic: Agricultural science

Agricultural science is the study of the science and technology behind the production, processing, and distribution of food, fiber, and other agricultural products.

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The podcast episodes on 'The Tale of the Snail Slime Wrangler' The Tale of the Snail Slime Wrangler and 'The Cooperative Extension System' The Cooperative Extension System both relate to the topic of agricultural science.

The first episode explores the commercial applications of snail mucus, which is an example of how principles and practices in agricultural science can lead to innovative new products. The second episode discusses the historical origins and ongoing role of the cooperative extension system in disseminating scientific knowledge and innovations to farming communities, which is a key aspect of agricultural science and technology.

These episodes highlight how agricultural science encompasses both the scientific research and development of new agricultural techniques and products, as well as the communication and application of this knowledge to real-world farming and food production contexts.

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