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Topic: AI and data

AI and data are intrinsically linked, as the quality, diversity, and context of data are crucial factors in the development and deployment of ethical and effective AI systems.

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The topic of 'AI and data' is closely tied to several of the podcast episodes provided, as data is a fundamental component of AI systems.

In the episode Reddit Strikes AI Deal with OpenAI, GTA 6 Release Updated to Fall 2025, the discussion of Reddit's deals with OpenAI and Google to license user data for training AI models highlights the importance of data in the development of AI.

Similarly, the episode Dr. Joy Buolamwini on Unmasking AI: My Mission to Protect What Is Human in a World of Machines delves into the issues of bias and lack of diverse data in AI, and the need for responsible development of AI systems that respect human rights.

The podcast Growing Green Careers with Daniel Goldsmith also touches on how AI and data can be leveraged to identify emerging job opportunities in the energy transition, showcasing the potential benefits of using data and AI for workforce development.

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