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Topic: AI and disinformation

Generative AI is making it easier to create large-scale online disinformation, fueling the spread of propaganda and manipulative content across the internet.

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The podcast episodes highlight the growing concern around the use of AI technology, specifically chatbots and content generation tools, to create and spread disinformation and propaganda online.

Episode 44845 discusses how AI chatbots have been found to spread Russian propaganda, while episode 12423 explores how AI can be used to create low-cost, automated propaganda websites, fueling the spread of online disinformation. Episode 9140 also covers the continued operation of Russian troll farms linked to Yevgeny Prigozhin, spreading disinformation about Ukraine and the 2024 US elections.

These episodes highlight the potential for AI technology to be exploited by adversaries to generate fake news and disinformation content on a larger scale, posing a growing threat to online discourse and the integrity of democratic processes.

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