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Topic: AI and emerging technologies

Artificial intelligence and emerging technologies are transforming industries, raising ethical concerns, and shaping the future of society.

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The podcast episodes cover a range of topics related to AI and emerging technologies, from their impact on the venture capital and investment landscape to their role in government, healthcare, and the entertainment industry.

For example, the episode 'The Investor View on Startup Funding' discusses the interest of Hannah Grey Ventures in AI and its applications in sectors such as spatial computing and neuroscience. The episode 'Lawfare Daily: Rebecca Crootof on AI, DARPA, and the ELSI Framework' explores the importance of assessing the ethical, legal, and societal implications of emerging technologies during their development.

Other episodes, such as 'Rapid Response: What's the next Barbenheimer? with The Ankler's Janice Min' and 'Google's AI answers are a joke', highlight the entertainment industry's slow adoption of AI and the broader societal implications of these technologies.

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