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Topic: AI bias

AI bias refers to the tendency of artificial intelligence systems to exhibit prejudiced or discriminatory behavior due to issues with training data, model design, or deployment.

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The podcast episodes discuss the issue of AI bias in various contexts, highlighting the challenges and potential harms of biased AI systems.

For example, episode 737. Andy & DJ CTI: Google's Gemini AI Spews Anti-American Garbage, Biden Claims He Did A Medical Checkup & $10K Masculinity Retreat criticizes Google's Gemini AI chatbot for exhibiting apparent anti-American bias, while episode Explainable AI: Insights from Arthur's Adam Wenchel - Ep. 221 delves into the difficulties of detecting and mitigating subtle forms of bias in AI language models.

The episodes also cover the impact of AI bias in healthcare, as seen in Would you trust a cancer screening by artificial intelligence?, and the efforts to address bias in AI-powered tax assistance, as discussed in Oral History: Generating Tax Advice.

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