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Topic: AI economy

The 'new AI economy' is an emerging sector enabled by advances in generative AI and related technologies, creating new business opportunities, industries, and job roles.

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The podcast episodes discuss the concept of the 'AI economy' as a new era of technological and economic transformation, driven by the rapid progress in generative AI and associated technologies.

In the episode The New AI Economy, Brad Smith from Microsoft outlines this emerging 'AI economy' and the company's role in building the supporting infrastructure and introducing 'AI Access Principles' to enable broad access, fairness, and address societal responsibilities as this economy develops.

The upcoming season of the 'Smart Talks with IBM' podcast, as described in the episode New Season of Smart Talks with IBM Coming Soon, will also focus on the AI economy, exploring how businesses can integrate AI into their workflows to drive real change and thrive in this transformative period.

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