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Topic: AI engineering

AI engineering is the discipline of building AI-powered software products and systems using a blend of software engineering practices and machine learning techniques.

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The podcast episodes provided cover various aspects of the emerging field of AI engineering, which focuses on the practical challenges and best practices of building AI-powered software products.

The episodes discuss topics such as the rise of the 'AI engineer' role, the skills and mindset required for this role, the intersection of software engineering and machine learning, and insights from industry events like the 'AI Engineer World's Fair'. The episodes also cover broader trends in the AI ecosystem, including advancements in hardware, models, frameworks, and the evolving landscape of AI adoption and experimentation.

For example, episode 7 Observations From the AI Engineer World's Fair discusses news and insights from a major industry event focused on AI engineering, while episode How To Hire AI Engineers delves into the specifics of the hiring process and required skills for this new role. The Latent Space Chats episode covers a range of AI engineering-related topics, from hardware to personal AI assistants.

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