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Topic: AI generated art

AI-generated art is the creation of visual imagery using artificial intelligence algorithms.

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The topic of AI-generated art is explored in several of the provided podcast episodes, with discussions on the challenges it poses for human creators and the ethical dilemmas that can arise from its use.

In the minisode: ai art, and why we are not robots feat jason koebler episode, the rise of AI-generated art on social media platforms and the importance of showcasing the effort and process behind one's work are discussed.

The Shannon Sharpe Won't Like This Bracket | 2 Bears, 1 Cave episode includes a humorous reaction to an AI-generated image portraying the hosts, highlighting the potential for AI to create unexpected and thought-provoking content.

The The Watchers, Artificial Intelligence, & Ancient Evils episode examines the phenomenon of AI-generated art, specifically the manifestation of the entity 'Loab', and speculates on its potential connection to ancient occult practices and deception.

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